Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has built a reputation of using his social media platform to give back to those in need.

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The former NFL star announced that he’ll be donating $240,000 worth of stimulus checks in July because President Donald Trump is “playing games” with the American people. “How the f**k are people suppose to stretch $1200 for 3 months?”

Chad added, “I’m giving out stimulus checks July 1st if you have cash app since Trump want to keep playing games.”


The former wide receiver’s word is bond because as promised, he instructed his followers to provide their contactless payment information on Wednesday, July 1st. “Good morning, i f**king love all of you f**kers & today is July 1st, drop ya cash app, zelle or PayPal, will be “randomly” choosing & blessing folks throughout the day until 5 & that’s on Jesus sandals.”

He sent at least $150,000 to random Twitter users and posted a screenshot of the error message he received from Cash App that notified him that he exceeded his weekly limit.

It’ll take one more day for Ochocinco to exceed the total relief fund amount, and his timing couldn’t be any more perfect.