Kenny “The Jet” Smith has been an analysis of TNT for over twenty years now. The two time NBA champion believes its a matter of time before he leaves TNT for an NBA executive job.

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In an interview with Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports last week, Smith said it is “inevitable” that he will one day be running a basketball operations department. Smith feels the relationships he has built and the information he has received over the past 20 years could make him extremely valuable to an NBA franchise.

“It’s inevitable from a basketball standpoint I will be moving on. The consumption and production of information that I’ve received, the way I’m able to relay it, and the relationships, it’s inevitable,” Smith said. “It’s just inevitable … You’re around things. You’re privy to information for 20 years from runners to agents to general managers and owners that no one else has been privy to. No one else. Every team in the league has told me something they’ve told no one else.”


Smith has low key been planting seeds for his TNT departure or some time now. While Smith isn’t as witty and vocal as Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, he still brings balance and wisdom to any front office position when the time is right.