As the Washington D.C. NFL franchise looks into changing it’s team name, 3 minority owners of the team are looking to sell their stake. According to the report the 3 minority owners were “not happy being a partner,” with majority owner Dan Snyder.

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According to the Washington Post, Robert Rothman, Dwight Schar and Frederick W. Smith, who combined own about 40 percent of the team are seeking buyers to takeover their ownership of the team.

ESPN reported that Snyder was likely surprised that Rothman, Schar and Smith wanted to sell the team since he considered them all to be friends.


This news comes as Washington has been catching heat from activists, local politicians and investors to change the name of the team due to racial insensitivities regarding Native Americans. Majority owner Dan Snyder as well as others within the organization have agreed to “undergo a thorough review” of the team name.

In 2013, Snyder said he would never change the name of the team, but given a new desire in the United States to rid companies of racial stereo-types and offensive imaging a name change seems to be inevitable.

Nike announced last week that they would no longer carry Washington brand attire. Fedex also withdrew it’s financial support of the franchise while asking that the team listen to the complaints and change the name.

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