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As an entrepreneur, who is a black woman, who provides placement and resources for work from home opportunities and building one person call centers, what are some encouraging words who look up to you? First, I am humbled to be given the opportunity to inspire others. If someone is looking to take the same entrepreneurial journey I’ve taken, I would encourage them to do the following:
● Be ambitious in their pursuit of achieving their goals despite any obstacles
● Discover a new trade each day
● Outsource tasks that can be delegated to strong team members
● Learn during the premature stages of business that you can not play every role in your business efficiently. This reverts to the previous point listed above to outsource. It may be true that you are skilled/talented at many things, however, delegating will lend the time necessary for Founders & CEO’s to build a solid company foundation, develop business relationships and generate revenue. For example, I am well versed with every service that my companies offer. This is important to me because it’s imperative for me to be able to recognize errors for quality assurance and customer satisfaction purposes.
● Create a healthy balance between work and personal time. Don’t get burnt out striving for success. It’s so easy to lose yourself in your vision. Trust me I recall losing valuable family time that I can’t get back. I want to encourage each aspiring entrepreneur or ‘superman/woman’ entrepreneur to outsource, find a proper balance between changing the world with their innovation, self-care, and family time.
● Have patience. Creating true sustainability isn’t an overnight process.
● Pray & Laugh often
● Be kind to yourself

How did you come up with the brand That Girl? My late mother Delorse Starks was affectionately known for being that girl. She was also known for being bold, wearing red bold lips and her favorite fashion combinations were black and white. Hence, I designed the That Girl logo in honor of her. The brand also captivates her natural aura to celebrate and support
others. My mother was known for her blunt honesty. Infact, many say that I embody my mother’s same personality. Through this brand I am able to create a legacy in recognition of my appreciation for my mother, build leaders, collaborate with entrepreneurs, develop genuine
sisterhoods and sell dope fashion!

How did you know that you wanted to get into the fashion industry? I am fortunate to be a part of a bloodline of women who LOVE fashion. Recalling my weekends as a child, we would have family gatherings every weekend. It was always like a fashion show, everyone dressed to impress. I believe that’s why I was naturally drawn to the fashion industry. I’m excited for the
mark that I intend to make.


Who were your inspirations while getting into the industry?
Influencers, Professional, Spiritual, Bossy, Talented, Intelligent Ambitious Women whoever they may be. I thought it was important to create a brand that could celebrate the sort of women who raised me, women who overcome challenges and who make big differences in the world who
often go unnoticed inspire our fashion. For instance, some of our t-shirt expressions that read: That Girl is a Teacher, That Girl is a Nurse, That Girl has her Masters, That Girl has her Doctorate, That girl is a Boss, That Girl is a Hidden Figure, That Girl Kicked Cancer, That Girl is an Author, THat Girl is The Female CEO, That Girl is from Detroit etc.

When speaking or being a speaker to non-profit organizations, how does that make you feel by uplifting women who want to be on the same path as you? Oftentimes, it’s speaking to women, men, children and teenagers. It’s the most rewarding feeling ever!!! More recently, before the outbreak of Covid19, I visited the Miami Dade Florida school district speaking to their students. During one of the visits after speaking, a young lady said to me: “Natasha you make me feel like you’re Dr. Martin Luther King.” Ironically, just a few weeks prior to visiting I was invited to introduce the first African American Mayor Monique Owens at the annual MLK breakfast. Indeed it was a monumental experience where I was able to recall Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. Long story short, this student commendation made my heart rejoice. That moment reassured me that I’m making a difference, I’m making a mark! Actually, I can think back of countless experiences such as these. Each experience motivates me to continue giving back to those who need it most.

With being an entrepreneur and in the fashion industry, is there always a clash between the two businesses or it always work out for your brand? My entrepreneurial skills are diverse which enables me to create innovative marketing strategies, develop business relationships, and activate the essential skills needed to operate a successful brand in the
fashion industry. It’s taken nearly 3 years to build this brand. It’s important to note that this brand is 100% funded by myself. Based on the rapid growth of Being That Girl, beginning the third quarter of 2020, we have decided to approach investors beginning with a crowdfunding campaign. I’m hoping my first investors will be my family and friends.

With quarantine going on, what can we expect in the next half of the year? I’m expecting so many great things. Big projects are coming including The Small Business Project an initiative I created to help 100 aspiring business owners launch their business in 100 days. I’m constantly completing projects and starting new projects. If I’m not making a business dream a reality, I’m celebrating a woman and/or making some sort of influence in the world. I have some exciting news and projects I can’t announce just yet, however, I can say that my dreams are coming true. Follow me on social media for updates.