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Thankfully Monroe County Human Rights Commission member Vauhxx Booker is alive to tell his story because he was nearly lynched in Indiana and no arrests were made.

The incident was partially caught on camera and shows five white thugs attacking Booker. “On July 4th evening others and me were victims of what I would describe as a hate crime. I was attacked by five white men (with confederate flags) who literally threatened to lynch me in front of numerous witnesses,” Booker wrote on Facebook.

Booker and his friends went to Lake Monroe to watch the lunar eclipse to replace celebrating Independence Day, but instead they were fearful of becoming another hashtag.


In one of the videos a man in a red shirt is pinning Booker down, meanwhile another shirtless man is holding down his friend. The person recording attempted to passively intervene but the shirtless man yelled “You invaded us” and calls another man a “stupid (expletive) liberal (expletive).”

In the Facebook post, Booker claimed one of the men instructed the other to “get a noose” and another one yelled “white power.”

“The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Division is working diligently with the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office to ensure a lawful resolution,” officials wrote in a press release, IndyStar reports. “This matter remains under investigation and no further information will be released at this time.”

The Washington Post reports that hundreds of protestors gathered around Monroe County Courthouse in Bloomington on Monday demanding for these thugs to be jailed. But of course, that hasn’t happened yet.