With less than four months to go before the 2020 presidential election, people around the country of all ages, races, and backgrounds are preparing to vote. However, many Americans still remain unclear of all of the parts of our nation’s government system and how they work together. Enter YelloPain, an Ohio rapper who is giving America the ultimate social studies lesson over a solid beat and with some impressive visuals.

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Rapper YelloPain, born Tyheir Kindred, breaks down the three branches of government in his recently released music video, titled “My Vote Dont Count” a video that has received more than 4 million views on Facebook alone.   In addition to using his platform to illustrate why all votes do count, he also takes the opportunity to take us back to school in a metaphorical sense, explaining how power is distributed between our executive, legislative and judicial branches of government and why it is important to vote even when it is not a presidential election.  He also touched on how each branch affects key issues such as minimum wage, child support laws, education, and more.

While Kindred does note that he learned about the branches of government in school like most of us, he credits his cousin, his cousin, Desiree Tims, for helping explain it in terms that were relatable to him and others. Tims herself is running for a Congressional seat in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District (the Dayton region). She is currently set to face off against Republican Mike Turner.


Kindred’s video and message have drawn praise from politicians, celebrities, and influencers from all areas including Chelsea Clinton, Sean King, and more. He has been interviewed on MSNBC and CNN.

His videos can be seen on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/YelloPain.