“The Intro” to a new music ecosystem.

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With today’s industry uncertainty for creatives, Austin, TX tastemaker takes the lead as the source of what he calls “A New Music Ecosystem”.  With an approach similar to a DJ Khaled, Cam The TSTMKR fuses independent creatives across the country in a way not many can.  With his first public release, Cam The TSTMKR teams up with recording artist Mogli the Iceburg to curate a motivational mash-up of visuals created by Airebourne and composed by Kevin Graham.  “The Intro” is comprised of several parts that give a glimpse into the power of a new music ecosystem.  It details the mindset and artistic vision throughout the making of Cam The TSTMKR.  Is this the spark that will start the change that is long overdue?

Watch the powerful video for “The Intro” below and decide for yourself!