Baltimore Ravens Mark Ingram has partnered with Gatorade for the Beat the Heat program. The initiative educates athletes across sports about the importance of hydration during intense and hot summer workouts.

During the summer, many athletes train outside, which increases the risk of dehydration due to increased levels of sweat. The harsh realities of coronavirus not only increase the outdoor possibilities of working outside but also takes away some teammates and coaches.

Thinking of the young stars of tomorrow, Ingram made a quick video on how to cool down after a summer workout. In addition to drinking fluids like Gatorade to stay hydrated, he uses the frozen towel method. Before a workout, he wets a couple of towels and puts them in a nearby cooler or freezer. At any point during or after his workout when he feels hot, he takes that a towel out and ties it around his head or neck.


You can see the video below.