President Trump returned to the campaign trail on June 20th in Tulsa, Oklahoma which went against the coronavirus prevention guidelines of his own administration. During the rally at Tulsa’s BOK Center, Trump supporters were largely unable to social distance and most attendees opted to not wear a mask.

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According to reports, Tulsa saw a spike in COVID-19 cases this week and health officials in the city are blaming the president. According to POLITICO, Tulsa reached a one day record 261 new cases on Monday followed by 206 new cases on Tuesday.

Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart told the media outlet that the rally “likely contributed” to the spike. Several members of the Trump administration tested positive for COVID-19 after the June rally.


The coronavirus can take up to two weeks to start showing symptoms that align from the June 20 date of the rally to the reported spike in new cases.

The United States as a whole has struggled with containing the coronavirus with 17 states reportedly seeing a rise in cases. The President and the Center for Disease Control seem to be at odds in dealing with the virus.

The CDC has continued to ask people to socially distance and wear a mask while President Trump has been at best on the fence about wearing masks and has hosted multiple events where people are not socially distanced or wearing masks.