“I want to be known for making people feel something. I want people to feel inspired so they can get out of their own way and really go after whatever it is that they want.” ― Aisha Nicole

She definitely gave us the feels in her new song, “Missed Out”, alright. Tissues coming up. 

Hailing from North Carolina, singer and songwriter Aisha Nicole is paving her own way to the top of the music industry. Her new song “Missed Out” is well-received not only by fans, but by first-time listeners as well. Her strong persona, soothing voice, and exceptional songwriting talent make Aisha Nicole stand out. 


Hardworking and passionate are just some of the words that describe Aisha. She worked so hard to correct her messed up beliefs, and has been singing and writing all her life. It was her hobby until late 2019, when she decided to pursue a musical career. 

Aisha Nicole is currently signed with No Rules Entertainment/Enigma Entertainment. She writes her own songs, producing angelic and moody vibes that cross raw emotion. 

According to Aisha, her latest song, “Missed Out” is for all the people who were abandoned only for that someone to come back after they’re over it. Hence, they missed out on what could’ve been. 

With thousands of listens and views on Spotify and Youtube, Aisha Nicole is definitely here to stay. As much as an author takes inspiration from other books, so does Aisha Nicole take inspiration from other singers Erykah Badu, Amy Lee, and Lauryn Hill.

Aisha’s Mom, who had to work 3 jobs at a time when she was young, is one of her top motivators. Given that, this girl definitely knows how to grind, and will definitely grind her way to music charts and award shows.