In 2019, Fourtee scored a major bucket when his debut single “Freeze” was hand-picked by United Masters and NBA 2K developers to be featured on NBA 2K20. The rapper also received a huge co-sign from NBA superstar Kevin Durant.

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Since then “Freeze” has amassed over 1.5 million streams on all platforms, which has created quite a demand for a follow up single.

He was first mentored by legendary video producer Kareem Johnson, first as a production assistant. He would eventually land a gig chauffeuring artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, DJ Khaled, Gunna and more.


Now Fourtee has made strides to deliver the “Freeze” follow-up track, “Talk To Me Nice.”

The Newark, NJ rapper commands the mic on his latest release. The emcee confidently boasts about his lyrical skill set while flexing on anyone who doubts his potential. The visual, set in a Los Angeles desert, depicts a rowdy Fourtee doing donuts on a 4–wheeler and firing off paintballs. It’s a fun and energetic piece, however Fourtee insists on incorporating an essence of black excellence. In one scene, he is dressed in Muslim garb and walks on rose petals thrown by two beautiful African American women. The scene is a significant moment, where viewers receive insight into Fourtee’s Liberian roots.

“Talk To Me Nice” is available on all streaming platforms. Hopefully, the record can land on NBA 2K21 as well.

Check out the new “Talk To Me Nice” visuals below.