A furloughed employee filed a lawsuit against Live Nation on Wednesday for race and gender discrimination. Candace Newman who was an executive at Live Nation claims that she was wrongfully terminated by the entertainment company.

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Newman, a Black woman is claiming that Live Nation, “fosters a toxic work environment of harassment, discrimination” and retaliation against former staff. Live Nation responded saying that despite Newman’s claim of wrongful termination, she was never actually fired making her claims “baseless.”

“We were surprised by Ms. Newman’s claim of wrongful termination… With concerts on pause due to the pandemic we unfortunately had to implement furloughes across our company…” Live Nation also states that furloughed staff are still receiving benefits throughout the pandemic.


Newman is also claiming that as the only Black executive in the touring division she was paid less than her non-white equals. She also acknowledges that after her complaint she was given a raise.