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Gillie Da King was trending on Twitter after a video resurfaced of the rapper saying “all lives matter” while denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement. Gil is now responding to claims that he is against the movement.

“Let me just start the video off by saying shout out the Black Lives Matter movement. I support y’all,” Gillie said on the Instagram video. After voicing his support for the movement and listing the philanthropy he’s engaged in for the Black community, Gillie essentially doubled down on the premise of his original video.

“Black lives is gonna matter when it matters to black people…104 motherf***ers got shot in Chicago 4th of July weekend. You don’t hear nobody speaking up on that s**t… So if Black lives gonna matter they gotta matter all the time not just when some injustices is being done to us. If Black lives is gonna matter let’s get our shit together.”


The Philadelphia rapper turned podcaster is the host of Barstool Sports’ Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast with his cousin and Motivational Speaker Wallo 267.