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At the midsummer point, most if not all Americans thought we would be further along regarding defeating COVID-19. However, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic could force a nationwide wave of evictions across the United States.  

Initially, American citizens were comfortable with the aid and assistance the government seemed to offer as a relief. Yet, as a federal ban and a patchwork of state quickly expire, fair housing advocates are changing their tune. 

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security, or CARES, Act that Congress passed in March provided a temporary moratorium on evictions, but it was for a fraction of the nation’s tenants and some homeowners. Now, a huge number are facing the harsh reality of being put out on the streets. 


In a statement, Emily Benfer, a law professor at Wake Forest University, said: “So now, less than half the country is covered by an eviction moratorium that isn’t federal in nature,” she said. “And as the unemployment insurance expires at the end of July, along with the majority of the remaining eviction moratoriums, we can expect to see a severe eviction crisis in the United States.”

Bender added, “And if they lift before federal financial support is in place, the United States will plummet into a major eviction crisis that will have negative consequences for all of society — because when the rent isn’t paid, mortgages and property taxes go unpaid, so states, cities, school districts, landlords, banks, the housing market, entire communities suffer as a result.”

Meanwhile, certain states like Delaware have stepped in with even more aggressive measures than the federal government’s. Delaware’s governor signed an order extending foreclosure moratoriums so long as the state of emergency remains in effect.

Sadly, every state isn’t following that same path. I know this because I have had to pay rent in full as California landlords seem to have a no-nonsense policy. 

The effects of this could be devastating to not only cure t members of families but the next generations for sure. 

These numbers are sure to continue rising as more and more Americans find themselves jobless and unable to pay bills. Our prayers are with everyone.