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2020 has been a tough year so far, but some may say, not as tough as what African Americans have been going through for centuries! Police brutality has just been one of the major issues African  Americans have had to deal with throughout every day life. The recent tragedies of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and so many more; has raised the demand for change to an all time high.  Aspiring hip/hop artist Eman Jones has added to that demand with his new release, “Call to Action”.    

Eman Jones,  born Emanuel Jones,  released a new video breaking  down his personal thoughts on systematic racism and social injustice.  In the beginning of the song he expresses the burden and pain he experiences being a black man in America, and sometimes it feels as if he doesn’t even want to live.    

These depressing thoughts are quickly overturned by the encouragement of his mother, and also him being an active father for his children.   Lyrically the song almost sounds like a letter to his children describing the hardship and the different evils he has seen in his life, and how he is trying to overcome but also looking for a way to make things better for his community as well.   As the heavy piano instrumental transitions to the chorus part of the song, Eman adds a bit more melody and passion through his voice. “They don’t really care about us word to Michael Jackson” is a line Eman repeats more than once in the song which should be taken as strong importance.   The line references a Michael Jackson song which was released in 1996, 14 years later it’s like Deja Vu with the same words being able to fit within this day and time.    


As you listen to the lyrics from this song you’re able to go on a visual emotional journey as well.  The video was captured by Ohio native Lunarthought; who was able to insert clips of protesters, police brutality, including the shocking video of George Floyd to show the separation of America.   In a recent interview Eman did with his local news in Dayton, OH, he mentioned the importance of youth.  At the end of the video there is an image of his son showing his innocence to the camera.  In that interview Eman says we must realize the importance of our youth and have to fight to make this world a better place for them in the future.   

 The video was released a couple of weeks ago and has already gained nearly 20 thousand views.  Watch “Call To Action” with the hopes of being inspired to add to the change and showing  black lives really matter! 

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