On Saturday, Trump took to Twitter to express confidence that Kanye West could take away black votes from Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden. Trump said, “That shouldn’t be hard.”

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Last week Kanye tweeted that he was planning on running for President in the upcoming election. It’s late in the race and Kanye would not even be able to run as an independent in many key states.

This past week, Kanye did an interview with Forbes where he talked about his campaign strategy and ended up freestyling for them as well.


Kanye made it known that he no longer supports Trump because Trump reportedly hid in a bunker during the George Floyd protests back in late May/June. During the same interview Kanye also addressed him potentially taking votes away from Joe Biden. Ye said he knew and did not care, saying that potentially siphoning votes was”a form of racism and white supremacy and white control to say that all Black people need to be Democrat and to assume that me running is me splitting the vote.”

Even though Kanye no longer supports Trump, Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, that he still thinks that Ye and Kim is “going to be for us” when election time comes around. He is a person that I get along with very well. At the end I think he would support us over anyone else, we have to stop the radical left from taking over our country” Trump said.