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Calvin Salyers, a former Alexander police officer recently turned himself into the Arkansas State Police after fatally shooting a colleague through the front door of his home. On June 3rd, Officer Scott Hutton reportedly drove to Salyer’s home to pick up a patrol car, located in the area.

In an attempt to reach Salyers, Hutton called and texted him multiple times before approaching his door to knock. Salyers, watching a movie with his partner immediately reached for his firearm before identifying who was behind his door.

Through the peephole, Salyers noticed Hutton’s dark shirt and gun holster, causing him to shoot a single bullet through the door, that struck Hutton in the chest.


Once Salyers became aware of the fact that he shot a fellow colleague, he called the ambulance and notified them that he was involved in an officer-related shooting. During the audio of the phone call, you can hear Salyers say, “All I seen was a gun, it was an accidental discharge.”

Salyers had informed authorities that the accidental shot came from trying to switch the hand he was holding the firearm with. However, authorities affidavit states otherwise. Authorities say that the bullet hole had contact residue with the door, believing that the former officer had the gun pressed against the door when the bullet was shot.

Additional court documents show that Salyers previously stated that if any protestors showed up to his home, he would shoot through the door without any warning.

Ex-Cop, Calvin Salyers is now facing manslaughter charges for the fatal shooting of officer Scott Hutton.