A couple of days ago, the “Gucci Gang” artist Lil Pump received an interesting, different, but super cool Gucci bike as a gift. The bike was purchased and gifted to Lil Pump by Graham Kramer the founder of Rumor and Rumor Records (@rumor on Instagram). Pretty cool move by Kramer and his record company.

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The white bike itself is custom made, loaded with some of Gucci’s best products. The bike features two Gucci bags one attached to each side of the bike, a Gucci wallet up near the handlebars, and a bunch of Gucci decals and coloring on the rest of the bike. It’s a bike that anyone would die to get their hands on.

Graham Kramer and his company Rumor Records are set to make more moves happen in the music industry following their move of gifting Lil Pump a Gucci bike. 


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