If keeping the noise down was a person, it would probably be Jimmy Butler.

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The Miami Heat shooting guard had security called on him at his Disney World hotel for causing a disturbance, according to a report from Yahoo’s Chris Haynes.

Haynes says security received a complaint about a loud thumping going on. When the security guard went to the room, the guard encountered Butler with his practice gear on, drenched in sweat. Butler reportedly was dribbling a basketball late into the early morning.


Butler is known to be a workaholic and he was probably restless and wanted to get in some more dribbling drills while stuck in his room.

Butler once arrived for a practice session at 3:30 am, a good eight hours ahead of schedule. Jimmy is about putting in his work at any means.

Butler currently has the Heat sitting at the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference once play resumes on July 30th.