Until justice is found, many around the world continue to protest peacefully demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT who was shot to death while sleep in her own home, on March 13th.

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Around one hundred protestors were arrested for peacefully protesting outside of the home of the Kentucky Attorney General, including YBN Cordae.

The police officers who broke into the home of Breonna Taylor have yet to have been arrested. Only one officer has been fired as months pass since her murder. Apparently stars, Yandy Smith, Porsha Williams, and Trae The Truth have also been arrested alongside YBN Cordae.


Since YBN Cordae’s arrest, no one on his team has yet to make a statement, however his girlfriend, Naomi Osaka had this to say, “They’re really arresting people for protesting, that’s crazy,” she wrote on Twitter.

Free YBN Cordae. Free Yandy Smith. Free Porsha Williams. Free Trae The Truth.