A city in North Carolina is taking the lead on the long debated reparations for African-Americans. Asheville signed into a law a “Reparations Initiative” that will fund Black homeownership, black businesses and career opportunities according to the New York Times.

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The initiative details 9 specific initiatives that the city seeks to honor it’s Black residents and the history of slavery including several apologies related to slavery, discrimination and racism, an urban renewal program, and a generational wealth program. The legislation does not include direct financial payments to residents.

An NPR report revealed that he slave economy in Asheville is “inextricably linked to the region’s financial success and growth. In 1860, on the brink of the civil war, there were 1,907 slaves and 283 slave owners in Buncombe County.”


Today, Black people make up about 12 percent of Asheville’s population. The decision was unanimous with the city council voting 7-0 to approve the legislation.