Through the course of history, we’ve seen empires rise and fall over decades, centuries and even millennia. If it’s true that history repeats itself, then Kabaka Pyramid’s new single “BABYLON FALLIN” is a foreboding chant.

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The current civil unrest due to police brutality and racial injustices, paired with a global pandemic have shone light on worldwide leaders triumphs and failures. Citizens of the world are clamoring for power. Speaking on  “BABYLON FALLIN”, the social-conscious singer-songwriter whose unique musical style blends the lyricism of Hip hop, with the energy and melody of Reggae and Dancehall explained the mindset of the forthright track  “The time is now for the people to take back control. The leader dem panicking because dem time running out and if dem no fix tings drastically everything ago bun down

Produced by Island Wav for One Time Music and Kabaka Pyramid’s imprint label Bebble Rock Music, “BABYLON FALLIN” is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets distributed by Hapilos.


Babylon you falling down me say you nah go live fi see the mawnin come” – Kabaka Pyramid