Power couple Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been seeking more celebrities with deep pockets to join their investment group to purchase the New York Mets. According to the New York Post, “J-Rod” met up with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to test the waters of his interest in joining their investment group.

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According to The Post, the Kraft’s declined J-Lo and A-Rod’s offer for lack of interest in owning the franchise. Kraft who is worth more than $5 billion would’ve easily had the wealth that would’ve put the singer/athlete duo over the hump to finally purchase the team.

The Post reports that J-Lo and A-Rod met with Kraft and his son Jonathan in early July at the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium to also discuss how they can develop the Queens, New York stadium.


If J-Lo and A-Rod are talking develop, it seems like a vote of confidence that they’ll be able to purchase the team at some point as their bid reaches the $2 billion mark that would match the highest offer the Wilpon’s have received for the team.

J-Rod recently connected with superstar sports figures to increase their bid to $1.7 billion. Wizards Guard Bradley Beal, Hall of Fame Linebacker Brian Urlacher, Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce and former Dallas Cowboys Running back DeMarco Murray are just some of the names attached to the ownership group.