B5 celebrated the 15th anniversary of the release of their self-titled debut album over the weekend.

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The boy group won the hearts of many girls during the early 2000s following the release of their Jackson 5 cover, “All I Do.” They went on to contribute to Disney’s High School Musical soundtrack and toured with Bow Wow and Omarion on the Scream Tour 4.

But it’s shocking to learn the boys were never compensated for their work according to the group’s youngest member, Bryan Breeding.


“15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. 15 years from today my life was changed forever. Releasing our first commercial self titled album “B5” on July 19th 2005. Looking back at it now is full of bitter sweet memories. Sharing my life with my 4 older brothers and cousin (Carnell) music was my pride, joy and passion. Only short lived though, after being exposed to the deep levels of politics and agendas quickly helped me realized that the music business is less about music and more about the “business”. Which was fine to overlook (at the age of 12) and stay focused on my craft, trying to protect my innocence for the love of music. BUT This is usually the beginning of exploits for snakes to come into the picture cleverly hiding behind contracts only in favor of the one(s) creating it.”

He added that they saw revenue from their live performances and merchandise, but Bad Boy Records never cut the check.

“We made about 99.9% of all our income from live performances & merchandise and till this day I’ve never seen a PENNY from any of our B5 commercial albums. For years! We reach out to lawyers, advisors and even TV networks for a chance to help us or tell our story and no one ever touched it with a 10 foot pole. So here I AM! telling my story, my truth and not from a “woe is me” perspective but as an example for the next generation of young artists to WRITE and OWN your content! READ your contracts and create new sounds for the LOVE of music, as a expression of who YOU ARE! You dont need to compromise for the bag or the glamorized “Record Label Deal” we have enough artist like that and doing a great job at it. What I dream to see in the NOW-future is a world full of new beautiful music from authentic souls!”

B5 isn’t the first act to complain about not getting their coin from Bad Boy. Mase, Q Parker, and 112 have all revealed they weren’t fully compensated for their publishing.