If you believe Steve Stoute, he thinks the future of the recording industry is in the hands of Drake. The reveal comes from a conversation between Russ and Stoute at the virtual SelectCon conference and stated an independent Drake ends the music business.

“If Drake goes independent, the music business is over,” Stoute told Russ as noted by Variety. “If Drake goes independent, the music business is done.”

Drake’s contract is believed to be over soon, freeing him Cash Money/Republic Records. From there he could pick a new home or go independent, the latter would alter the industry like we never have seen.

“I said this before, Drake is about to come out in the next six months, Drake is about to get the biggest bag in the history of the music business by far,” Stoute said. “Both A and B, they don’t want that to happen. Because the day that happens, they might as well close the business down.”

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Russ would add insight that could show why the decision to go independent is a much easier and lucrative route.

“Drake uploads ‘God’s Plan’ on a digital distributor so whatever money it is: less than $10 dollars, right? Fine, pay for the beat—$10K, $20K, $30K, $40k, whatever the fuck it is—and to get mixed: four racks. So you’re all, $50K tops. That song, you owning it forever and getting paid weekly on it, you’re making a million dollars a week off that song. It’s different. If Drake goes independent, this whole industry gets turned upside down. That’s why I’m independent, putting out music independently. I’m gonna fuck this whole industry up.” 

– Russ

Sounds like easy math. You call it, do you think Drake signs or goes the indie route?