Honda is assisting HBCU students who find a greater financial strain than they already did before COVID-19. For over 30 years, Honda was a community supporter of the HBCU community through programs like the Honda Battle of the Bands (HBOB) and Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC), but now maneuvered their programming dollars to support food insecurity and health for HBCUs impacted by the pandemic.

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At the end of March, 250 students and coaches from 48 HBCUs were the compete for the national championship title at the HCASC but was canceled due to the pandemic.

Since May 1, Honda has provided over $300,000 to HBCUs, which helps serve 108 organizations in 20 states.


“In these unprecedented times, our commitment to HBCUs is stronger than ever,” said Steve Morikawa, vice president of Corporate Relations and Social Responsibility at American Honda. “We know that recent events have presented challenges for HBCU communities,and we’re working closely with HBCU presidents and local leaders on ways to best serve their communities.”

To highlight the impact of Honda’s efforts, HBCU students, presidents, and representatives have shared in their own words the use of the funds.

“The Florida A&M University-Bond Community Health Center COVID-19 Test Site is responsible for over 10,500 tests taken since April 25. Thanks to the generous contributions from Honda and other supporters, we have been able to provide meals for university and community volunteers who contribute to the site’s operation. With the support of Florida Department of Health, other state and municipal partners, this site is open to everyone; however, its location in an African America community provides access to individuals adversely impacted by the virus.”

– Dr. Larry Robinson, Florida A&M University president

“No student should have to worry about hunger. The allocation of Honda’s grant to our campus food pantry, The Store@HU, will allow hundreds of students to focus on their education instead of worrying about a basic need. This boost of support for students is much appreciated in light of our extraordinary circumstances.”

– Jess Agyepong, Howard University senior and HCASC team captain

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