Wednesday morning, presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden released a trailer for a conversation with former President Barack Obama. The short clip shows the two entering a room and the conversation opening with a lack of leadership by President Trump.

“Can you imagine standing up when you were president and saying ‘it’s not my responsibility. I take no responsibility.’ Literally. Literally,” Biden said of Trump’s early response to COVID-19.

“Those words didn’t come out of our mouths while we were in office,” Obama answered.

“No. I don’t understand his inability to get a sense of what people are going through,” Biden said. “He just can’t relate in any way.”

Trump has recently changed his tune on COVID-19 stating that masks are “patriotic.” In his White House Briefing, Trump said “We are asking everybody, when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask.”

You can see a preview of the video below.