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Britney Spears’ status on a court hearing for a conservatorship did not go as planned. The reason it never went down was because of a group of people who had absolutely nothing to do with the case refused to get off the Zoom call so the judge could conduct a confidential hearing. The Zoom call lasted 2 hours leading the judge to postpone the hearing

Britney’s conservatorship has been a trending topic as of late in the media. In an interview released on Thursday, Bryan Spears, Britney’s older brother, revealed details that were personal regarding his sister’s conservatorship, which is now in the spotlight due to Britney’s social media presence. “She’s been in this thing for quite some time now. Obviously there was a need for it in the beginning,” said Bryan on the As NOT Seen on TV Podcast regarding his sister’s conservatorship.

Every 3 months the judge, calls both parties into court to catch up on developments in the conservatorship. According to TMZ, there are reports that Britney and/or others were trying to end it. Nobody has yet to file a motion or a court proceeding to end the permanent conservatorship in the 11 years it’s been in effect.


Jody Montgomery, the woman who has been working with the pop star for a while until Britney’s sister, Jamie Spears, fell ill, currently serves as a temporary conservator.