Believe it or not but Hip-hop has been enjoying Jeezy’s classic album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 for the last 15 years. Crazy, right?

Jeezy acknowledged the anniversary too and hit Instagram to speak on it.

“Hopped off the porch in my momma two bedroom trailer with a dream, a grind and an all around vision,” Jeezy wrote. “My vision was to take a culture that was demonized and told they would never be anything or have anything. I endured any type of obstacles u can think of ; from dodging penitentiary to having a full time job of staying alive . I always told myself if u want heaven its on the other side of hell. So, I laced up my air ones and walked thru the fire until I got to the other side.”

He would close the post that has the first three TM albums in a plaque by stating “the next 15 will be epic.”

You can check out the full post below and then give the album a spin to celebrate the street classic.