Cody Cruz is an Entrepreneur, Talent Manager, Social Media Manager, and Content Creator from Newport Beach, CA.  Cody has been intrigued by Social Media Marketing since his early High School days.

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Learning a lot from his mentor Scott Warner, CEO of “Gigg”, a marketing software company, avid marketing and social media awareness are just  a few of Cody’s strongholds.

Whenever you are in dire need of captivating online content, do consider contacting Cody’s services. Cody manages celebrities, athletes and all other public figures.  In addition Cody also is a professional at doing voice-overs. With over 15+ unique voices he has something that will fit your needs. Cody Cruz’s unending passion kicked off in high school.  Cruz gets a lift in his spirit watching his clients rise from the ground all the way to the top.  His professional career is built on the mentorship from Scott Warner, the CEO of Gigg.  His success is determined from watching the stories of his clients get narrated through rigorous marketing and Public Relations. Cody’s  firm has helped raise many failing companies and rebuild their failed structures into the successful ventures they are today.