After spending three months in quarantine, and barely having a summer, most U.S. residents have reached their breaking point with the coronavirus restrictions, in efforts to save the summer season. That very decision is the reason why three New Jerseyans have been charged with violating Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order that limits outdoor gatherings to 500 people, and indoor gatherings limited to 100 people.

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This weekend New Jersey police shut down a 700 person, mansion party in Jackson Township. Neighbors surrounding the Airbnb have reportedly called the police to complain about a loud party going on in the area. Shortly after, police contacted the homeowner, Yaakov Weiss, 40, who told authorities that he rented out his home through Airbnb. Weiss stated that he left the residence once about 200 people entered the home.

More phone calls were made to authorities, reporting trespassing and disturbances. Police investigated over 700 attendees with over 100 cars parked in the area of the 3700+ square foot home.


Alongside Weiss, the party’s organizers, Patience Guanue and Alicia Hinneh were also charged with violating Governor Murphy’s orders. It is reported that it took New Jersey authorities hours before fully evacuating the premises.

Airbnb’s spokesperson, Benbreit released a statement saying, “We strongly condemn the reported behavior, which represents both a clear violation of Airbnb’s community policies and a particularly serious abuse during this public health crisis.”