Another day, another public figure making fun of the Megan Thee Stallion shooting. Recently, Hot Girl Meg was shot in both of her feet, which is believed to be done by singer, Tory Lanez.

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Celebrities have been putting in their two cents and either supporting Meg or making jokes about her situation on social media. For the celebrities who have been making jokes, most have turned a new leaf and have shown their remorse for their insensitive actions. Rapper 50 Cent took to his Instagram to publicly apologize to the Texas hot girl after admitting that he believed the story wasn’t real, making that the reason for his insensitive jokes. Chrissy Teigen was amongst the same group of celebrities to publicly apologize to the Texas hot girl after making jokes about Megan twerking on Twitter. Draya also was amongst the group of people to make fun of the situation after stating that Tory and Meg had that “Bobby and Whitney love” and believing that the whole thing was a joke. This led to Draya losing her endorsement with Savage Fenty quicker than the video surfaced the internet. She also publicly apologized.

The latest to join the crew of insensitive celebrities is Jess Hilarious. The comedian posted a video to her social media of her mocking the situation from her point of view. In the video, you can see Jess grabbing her feet and saying some of Megan’s famous ad-libs, as she pretends to be shot. It doesn’t end there, Jess Hilarious also mimics the situation from Tory’s point of view, even though neither party has given any details regarding the situation. Jess seems to know what went down.


Recently Meg took to her Instagram live to address those who are not taking the situation seriously because she is a black girl in an attempt to understand what could possibly be funny about her situation.

We hate to see black women put another black woman down, let’s all just spread love and support to Meg as she recovers. We got us.

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