According to confirmed reports, Dipset lieutenant Juelz Santana is facing a lien for $33,000 in unpaid bills while the rapper sits behind bars for possession of an illegal firearm while trying to board a plane at Newark International Airport last year.

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Bossip reported that Santana, whose real name is Laron James, has failed to pay the maintenance fees and the homeowner’s fees to The Courts of Glenpointe Condominiums for his condo in New Jersey. According to Glenpointe, James owes $18,099 for unpaid fees from July 2018 through March 2020, in addition to another “$9,375 for “accelerated” maintenance fees through the end of the year, lawyers’ fees, special assessments, and late charges, for a total of $33,577.

Even since his incarceration, it has been a difficulty for Santana to keep his condo out of foreclosure, but a judge has yet to rule on the finality of the lien.


Juelz is set to be released from prison February 2021.