Brooklyn native Spazz Floss has it all—the cars, the girls, the money,
and the music. “Big Body” is, fittingly, a big amount of fun. Floss
raps over an addictive bass-driven beat, courtesy of TyyBeats, Loisse
Lisa, and Bjoern Beatz.

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The greatest strength of the track is the integration between Floss’ intense rapping and the almost melancholic background vocals; the production is pitch-perfect here, allowing both elements to shine. The video is tons of fun too; Floss is a great on-camera presence, capturing the mood of the song.Spazz Floss’ presence on the music scene spread wildly with the popular song “Viral”, of which he provides a  captivating hook, coated with a voicethat effortlessly carries the lyrics. Hailing from Brooklyn, N.Y.,
Spazz provides an electrifying difference to the East Coast’s drill
music scene.

Crediting Michael Jackson as his inspiration to perform,
the young entertainer readily showcases hard-hitting moves, coupled
with backflips, and his magnifying impersonation of The King of Pop’s,
“moonwalk” which he rhythmically performs against his own unique
sound. Spazz style of music can be described as straightforward and
passionate. Combined with a flow reminiscent of Tupac, sprinkled with
DMX , and performed over UK drill beats.


His catalogue showcases songs like “Motions”, and “Big Body” which not only proves his ability to produce high quality lyrics in an era where lyrical ability is sometimes lost, but he also has the remarkable skill to create music that can make the listener feel good.