One thing about Griselda… you are not going to outwork them. Griselda head honcho Westside Gunn is preparing for another release this year, this time his Shady Records debut album, Who Made The Sunshine.

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The album will arrive on August 28, which is also Westside Gunn Day in the city of Buffalo. The day was awarded by the mayor of the city to honor everything Gunn has done in his hometown. Gunn is known for collaborating with notable figures for his cover art but this time he turned to his daughter, WS POOTI, to bring it together.

“I live my life based on ART, everything is ART, sometimes you might understand it sometimes you might not, sometimes you might not get the masterpiece until later on, but I knew it was a masterpiece the moment I made it,” Gunn says of the cover.


You can see Gunn’s announcement on Instagram below.