Rapper Big Steilo proved his sharp rap skills on the latest visuals for ‘Critical,’ a hype track that showcases his attitude and the music direction he swings into. 

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In his verses on ‘Critical’, he admits that he is ‘the chosen one’ while he vividly describes his experiences and the way he feels. Big Steilo tries to stay loyal to who he is and wonders around admitting that in the case he couldn’t – he would die. 

He wraps up his thoughts in a minimalist beat that hits you strong and puts you in a real vibe. While Big Steilo pulls out verses like My days get shorter / My problems get longer / I have no time for no interview / They tell me they love me / I know that they hate me, you can relate to your Saint Louis homie, and bounce to his mood. 


The ‘Critical’ music video displays Big Steilo performing his piece and spilling his truth with a sure impact. The heavy atmosphere is magnified by the night’s aesthetics. The murky and thick mode escalates when he visits a graveyard and confesses his troubled mind to the ones he lost. 

The Missouri based rapper is getting the world psyched with his music as he teases the audience with sneak peeks from his upcoming album ‘Dogpound 2’. Shortly after dropping the video for ‘Critical’, he got his fanbase hyped with a brand new single ‘Trenches’ (stream here) – a very emotional commentary on the process that got him out from the underground scene to the mainstream one.