New emails between Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell have been made public as Maxwell faces charges related to Epstein’s sex trafficking ring in New York. Maxwell is currently awaiting trial in New York.

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In an email exchange from 2015, Epstein told Maxwell, “you have done nothing wrong and I (would) urge you to start acting like it,” according to Yahoo! News. Maxwell is currently facing 6 charges related to transporting minors for sex trafficking.

Maxwell allegedly acted as a madame in the recruitment of under-aged girls for the multi-millionaire to use for sexual favors. Epstein was arrested last year in sex trafficking charges but committed suicide while in jail.


Maxwell had become a target in the case as alleged victims of Epstein named her as an accomplice to the sexual assault they suffered at the hands of the deceased financer. Maxwell has denied any wrongdoing in the matter.

According to The Guardian, the 58-year-old Maxwell could face up to 35 years in federal prison if convicted. Reports have come out that Maxwell is willing to give out names of the men who were associated with the sex trafficking ring if it helps her sentence.

Epstein has been linked to some of the most powerful men in the world like President Donald Trump Former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.