Could the marriage between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West be on the rocks? A source told PEOPLE that Kim “feels that she has tried everything” in efforts to make them work.

The past couple of weeks have been turbulent for Kanye West including controversial opinions of his that have been placed into his run for president and accusing his wife of cheating with Meek Mill. Kanye would later apologize for the accusation and Meek would say it is not true. Now, the source is giving inner details of how Kim is feeling.

“She isn’t getting back what she needs from Kanye,” the source said. “She was to the point that she flew to Cody to basically tell him their marriage is over and to say goodbye.”

With the marriage apparently on life support, Kanye is believed to still ant to make it work but has yet to put in the work to convince Kim to stay. You can read the full report here.