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Watching the growth of Canadian rapper, Yungcudii, over the last couple of years has been an honor to witness. He’s worked his way into becoming one of the hottest young artists in his city. The catchy rap anthem “Tonight” dropped in January of 2020. Yungcudii and his close music partner, “OEG”, previewed the song on Instagram Live. The reactions left them surprised. Their fans wanted it immediately; Yungcudii later dropped a snippet on Instagram and later that week released the song. It quickly began trending on TikTok within the first week of it being released. It began gaining lots of attention and soon became popular for known TikTok influencers to use. 

Yungcudii was born Isaiah Haye on February 4th 2001. He grew up in Russell Heights but later relocated to Kanata. In primary school, Cudii’s fantasy was to play basketball in the NBA, however, this dream quickly changed once he discovered his passion for music. In class, Isaiah and his friends often freestyled together as a distraction, however by the age of 14, he began to see it as a possible career option. After posting singles on various music platforms, he released his debut collaboration album with his partner, OEG, “Purge Season”, a collection that saw his melodic and autobiographical style to be consolidating. By this point in Cudii’s life, he had generated enough buzz through both his music and a large social media following to catch the attention of CashMoney Ep producer, Lucig.