It could be grand opening grand closing for MLB and this experimental season.

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ESPN’s Jeff Passan published an article on Friday in which he said MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had a call with Tony Clark, the executive director of the MLB Players Association, about the situation. The message from Manfred was that this weekend is critical and if things get worse, the league could be in danger of being shut down.

Since last week, there have been 18 Miami Marlins players and two coaching staff members that tested positive for COVID-19. On Friday, two players on the St. Louis Cardinals also tested positive for the virus.


Unlike the NHL and NBA which created “bubble” environments featuring strict daily testing and a lack of travel, MLB allowed teams to operate out of their home cities, be on their own when not at the park, and to travel from city-to-city.

By not having a bubble situation, MLB left themselves open to outbreaks like these. Hopefully, things can get better cause another week of multiple players testing positive, could doom the sports’ aspirations for completion.