Naiym “Wolf Dingle” a native of Philadelphia is a 27 year old entrepreneur, mogul and now AUTHOR after releasing his debut book “Cheating is not Cheating” which from the title alone is catching the attention of readers EVERYWHERE!! This book has a 5 star rating on amazon and is changing people’s lives! The book is said to answer the questions on why men cheat, why women cheat, why she forgave him, why he didn’t forgive her and it’s also said to dissect pride and ego in men/women as well as teach you how to forgive your ex!! This book is the real deal and by the looks of it, it’s about to be a nationwide best seller! When Wolf was asked what inspired him to write the book he said he wanted to restore a generation that’s suffering from bad relationships due to lack of understanding for the nature of the opposite sex! He also said understanding is the solution to everything and the cure for ignorance! “If we can first understand ourselves than we can understand each other” wolf said. This man is amazing and he’s inspiring millions of people whether it be through helping entrepreneurs start businesses, helping brands expand, helping artist grow their fan base and sustain success with their career, teaching financial literacy or broadening perspectives with his book and inspiring videos! If you haven’t already, check out Naiym “Wolf” Dingle on social media @WolfWse and go buy his book and see why he says “CHEATING IS NOT CHEATING.”

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Cheating is not cheating is a guide to help women understand the nature of a man as well as helping men understand the nature of themselves. With this book, it is in my intention to provide a solution to common relationship problems through the teaching of healing, and providing readers with an understanding of themself and their spouse. STOP! Before you even begin to read this book, there are a few things I want to establish right here! This is not a book on equality or human rights. This is not a book on who’s right or who’s wrong. This is not a book on men vs. women. This is not a book on your personal experiences. This is not a book on how we wish things could be. This is a book on how things are. This is a book based on authentic human behavioral studies, tendencies, and observations in and out of relationships, as well as transitioning between relationships. If you’re looking for a book with a narrative that’s depicting a perfect world, with perfect people and perfect relationships, then put this book down and pick up a book in the fairytale section. This book is written solely for the men and women in the world who are seeking an understanding about one another and open to receive it. This book is written in efforts of providing the truth to establishing and maintaining happiness in or out of a relationship, through understanding and being understood. Most importantly! This book is written to save a nation of people from suffering behind the views and opinions of a society that has convinced people to hate their reality.