First Tiffany Haddish, and now Azealia Banks to join the group of women rocking a shaved head. Banks gave fans an exclusive look at the process of her hair shaving journey before she began she told fans, “I’m about to have my Britney Spears moment.”

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“I feel like Britney b*tch on some 2007 shit. I’m going to shave my head, b*tch, just to feel fresh again,” she told her fans in the video. Banks also told fans that she shaved her head because of the coronavirus pandemic. She explained the risk of continuously going to the hairdresser to get her hair done knowing the risk of potentially contracting the disease. “The way these coronavirus cases are going around, I’m very scared to have someone take care of my natural hair,” she explained.  “I’m going to keep a baldie and I’m going to rock my wigs.”

After shaving her hair, Banks refers to her first bald shower as, “the most rejuvenating thing I’ve ever felt in my life.” I guess we know the answer to if Banks will plan to grow her hair back considering the fact that she followed up with this statement. “I’m about to be bald for f*cking ever. That was the best shower I’ve ever taken in my f*cking life.” 


Could you ever rock the bald look?