Murs and Slug of Atmosphere have today released their surprise fourth album as the collaborative duo ‘Felt’ on the ever-consistent Rhymesayers Entertainment after an 11-year hiatus between albums, produced by the prolific Ant also of the Atmosphere duo. The new 12-track album is aptly titled ‘Felt 4 U’ as their fourth album together, featuring guest appearances from longtime collaborators Aesop Rock, The Grouch, Blimes, and Shepard Albertson clocking in at 40-minutes in total playtime. The album drop comes three days after their comeback 4-minute single ‘Name In Ya Mouth’ also produced by Ant of Atmosphere appeared seemingly out of nowhere, underlined with a classic yet subtle G-funk instrumental feel to it.   

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Felt as a duo released three classics, relatively commercially successful and critically acclaimed albums and a further two EPs from 2002 to 2009 on Rhymesayers, which featured the likes of DJ/producer Mr. Dibbs, The Grouch, Ant, Aesop Rock, and DJ Big Wiz. With these releases collectively selling 100,000s of copies and charting widely to date, the duo established themselves as a group in their own right beyond the shadows of their solo careers and the cult following that Atmosphere has developed. Definitely a welcomed surprise for Rhymesayers, Murs, and Atmosphere fans with accompanying hard copies, vinyl, and merch now available also for pre-order.