Kanye can’t catch a break.

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Mr. West will unlikely appear on his home state’s presidential ballot come election day. According to the Chicago Tribune, the rapper and fashion designer fell short of the 2,500 signatures needed to qualify for Illinois’s presidential ballot as an independent.

To make the ballot, West had to have 2,500 signatures. He submitted 3,128 signatures but the state’s elections board review yesterday found that 60% of the signatures, 1,928 of them, were invalid.


West’s legal team can challenge the board’s findings “by providing evidence and arguments” that the signatures were legitimate. He has until August 21 to restore the signatures but it will not be an easy task.

Even though Kanye will be on the Ohio and Colorado ballots, he has missed the deadlines for multiple states. Many even think West is running a spoiler campaign in order to take votes away from Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Kanye has even gone on record to say that he does not care if he takes votes away from Biden.

News outlets this past week reported that some Republican operatives, some tied to Donald Trump, are apparently helping Kanye’s campaign by getting him on some ballots as an independent.