Taylor Rooks broke new ground when she was chosen as media to cover the NBA Bubble.

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The league resumed play last month after a mid-season shut down in March due to COVID-19. During that time, the league, led by commissioner Adam Silver, prepared to continue the season. After numerous discussions, there was no intention of canceling. Now the league has taken their talents to Disney World by creating a COVID cautious environment full of non-stop basketball.

Sports journalist Taylor Rooks recently stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show to give the inside scoop on her day-to-day since transitioning to the NBA campus in Orlando, FL. At the top of each morning, she checks her temperature and pulse with a provided device. Then she heads to the on-site testing facility, before heading to practices, games, and more. If she’s not attending a game or practice, she is writing, doing zoom interviews with players and creating more fun content.


“You’re busy, a lot,” said Rooks. “It’s very hard for people to say they’re bored. It’s like Summer camp on steroids.”

She also mentions that the Bubble media members feel an overload due to the fact that there aren’t many of them there. At the same token, she feels honored that she was chosen.

Players were given the option to play or not play in Orlando. Some opted out to be with families. Others perceived it to be a distraction from forwarding the fight against racial inequality. While Rooks stated that there was no right or wrong answer, the restart has helped to amplify the movement.

“The NBA coming back has elevated a lot of discussions,” said Rooks.

While this is true, Rooks goes on to emphasize action steps beyond the discussion.

“It is so important to not get caught up in symbolism. Symbolism only matters if action taken behind it. Putting on a jersey or just wearing a shirt is not going to cut it.”

While she is enjoying the experience, she yearns for sushi and to be around her family.

Peep the full interview below.