Online businesses have seen huge growth particularly due to COVID-19. One major company with a global reach seemed to have an awareness that online learning would be a needed avenue before the pandemic. Bryce Cleveland, founder and CEO of SCALPA, an online training aesthetics business, has changed the game. 

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His company, SCALPA, provides custom products and training systems for people who want to offer innovative aesthetics procedures.  “People spend too much time trying to figure out how to learn something and then try to reinvent the wheel,” says Bryce. ”We’ve streamlined this process so you can learn fast and spend the rest of your time building your empire.” 

With hundreds of training programs and over 100,000 top-artists who have gone through his process, he’s paved the way for entrepreneurs. “It’s a win-win situation. We support our artists so they become the best in the industry and we win together,” says Bryce. ”I’m sick and tired of watching young people get used and abused by the old college system.” As a 9th-grade-dropout, Bryce knows all too well about how the school system isn’t built for everyone. He’s taken an unorthodox way towards success by helping others succeed. 


His passion for building people’s empires has made him a multi-millionaire and he says he’s just getting started. “I am fueled by making an impact on the lives of people who want real fulfillment and a real career,” says Bryce. ”I live for the emails from people who were lost and now they found their purpose and now are building a real business.”

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