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D.L. Hughley isn’t convinced that Kanye West’s mental health issues are the cause behind his most recent episode.

The comedian appeared on Fanroom live with Chanel Omari and says Ye’s mental health doesn’t excuse his recent behavior. “There is no doubt that he suffers from some level of mental illness, but it isn’t why he’s misogynistic, it isn’t why he’s disrespectful to our history,” Hughley said around the interview’s nine-minute mark. “You don’t have to be mentally ill to put an asterisk on slavery and he consistently does it whether it’s Harriet Tubman, when he denigrated her, whether he’s talking about slaves—he’s not so mentally ill that he’ll talk about any other people. He talks about people he can get away with.”

Kanye West has been vocal about struggling with bipolar disorder. But many people think his bid for the 2020 Presidential election, and bizarre behavior at his South Carolina rally is apart of a manic episode. Hughley thinks the rapper is “conveniently” ill.


“He’s not so ill that he’s trying to be a disruptor in the political forum,” Hughley said. “He took $5 million in the PPP payments. So he seems to be conveniently ill when it serves his purposes. And, to me, Kanye West is exactly like Donald Trump so it would make sense they are attracted to one another.”

Kanye’s Presidential campaign is a whole circus. Not only is he suspected of voter fraud, but he’s allegedly receiving help from the Republican Party. He was specifically asked if his intentions are to sabotage Joe Biden’s chances in a recent interview with Forbes and he responded that he’s “walking to win.”

Check out D.L. Hughley’s comments below: