Americans love their sports. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump continues to make sports a political issue.

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Trump called into Clay Travis’s Fox Sports radio show on Tuesday morning to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on sports and couldn’t let the chance go by to say his never-changing views about kneeling during the national anthem.

Trump complimented the NFL and team owners for working with “government” to open their season safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic but said that he’d rather there be no professional football this year if players choose to kneel during the anthem.


Trump complimented the NHL’s pregame social justice demonstration, which involved no formal kneeling from players and no Black Lives Matter messaging. Both MLB and the NBA had pregame ceremonies that involved kneeling and Black Lives Matter messaging, and Trump said he didn’t like either one. He took particular offense to the NBA, saying that their demonstrations were “very nasty” and that people were “angry” about it.

The NFL’s kickoff is slated for Sept. 10 but there are concerns from the coronavirus pandemic. While the NFL tries to figure out how to proceed with the start of their season, Trump is still on the league’s neck about making sure players stand and salute. Good luck with that.