Before the coronavirus forced us to be confined at home, the City Girls had a promising Summer ahead of them, especially now that JT is home.

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The Miami duo appeared on The Breakfast Club and they offered insight as to why a lot of men have a problem with vulgar lyrics then they catch you slipping.

“Men is just threatened by the women dominating right now, because they are used to being in control of putting women on records, and now women are starting to team up and do it without them,” JT said during the interview.  “Now they got so much to say, because back then you had to get on a hot song with a man to go No. 1 or even chart, but now women are doing it themselves.”


It’s an undeniable fact that female rap is dominating this year. Beyonce even had to deliver a fresh 16 on the “Savage (Remix).”

Misogynist conversations reignited amid the release of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s collaboration, “WAP.” “I say shut the fuck up, period. Like just shut up,” Miami said after being asked how she responds to men criticizing women’s lyrics. “They’ve been talking about this for years for decades, so why is this a problem now.”