Just one day after three men were charged with harassment and threats to witness, R. Kelly is caught in another issue as federal prosecutors have located a bank account hiding $1.2 million.

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According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Kelly opened the bank account in someone else’s name to stash the money after reporting that he did not have any income. Kells is stated to have been recorded on jail calls ordering the person the account was named after “to receive payments indirectly form Kelly.”

Kelly has spent over a year in federal custody at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago and was set to start trial this fall. He is accused of child pornography and obstruction of justice in Chicago, while Brooklyn courts charged him with racketeering. The Chicago trial is currently being asked to be delayed, citing the pandemic could create logistical issues that could lead to a mistrial.


Previously Kelly petitoned to be released due to concerns of COVID-19 with his attorneys citing a lack of funds to attempt to flee. The new findings of hidden cash do not help that stance.

In 2019, Kelly opened a bank account with a business called SomeBrotherLuv LLC and assigned the funds from his royalties to go to that account.